Thursday, September 17, 2015

As Heard on #OTWOLInDenial (14/8/15)

#OTWOLInDenial (14/9/15)

Immigration officer: Do you really love your wife?
Clark: Leah changed my whole life. She changed me. Before I was all about responsibilities...working job to job, paying bills. But she taught me there's more to life than that. She makes me smile, she makes me dream, she makes me happy. Yes I love her. More than she'll ever know.

Clark: Kaya mo yan. Walang maliit or malaking problem when it comes to the people you love and how you feel. I've been there before. If ever you need help. I'm always here.

Clark: So now you have me for free
Leah: Talaga?
Clark: All of me. Mula ulo hanggan paa.

Leah: Kaya ko yan. Achieve ko yan

Leah: Hindi nakakapagod para sa pamilya

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